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Music Class at home!

Here's a list of some musical activities you can do with your families


~Make a list of all the sounds you hear inside your house (ex:running water, footsteps, T.V, etc)

~Go on an outdoor listening walk and make a list of sounds you hear (ex. Cars, birds, wind, etc.)

~Play the Toy Game with your family members using your singing voice: 

          Call: Who has the insert name of toy 

          Response: I have the insert name of toy


~Be the music teacher and teach your family a music class activity/dance:

          Take turns keeping the beat different ways 

          3rd/4th Grade- teach the lines and spaces chant


~Make homemade instruments using household items


~Compose a body percussion routine

~Listen to a piece of classical music and draw an illustration of whatever the music makes you think of. Suggestions (click below): 




4th Grade:

~Practice your recorder and recorder karate packet



~Practice your chorus music 






Online Interactive Resources for ALL grades








​Take a “walk” through the instrument storage room to discover facts and the sound of each instrument in the orchestra. The instrument families are stored in four different “closets”: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

Composer’s Gallery - Roam freely through the Composers Gallery. There is a lot to discover about each composer by sorting through the four categories: country, birthday, style, name.

This is a web page that is designed to help students work on practicing their instruments but it also has some of the games and links to pages where you can investigate musical ideas, instruments, etc.  There is also a place where you can practice note reading! (You can ignore the parts where it tells you to go to smartmusic)

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